Monday, May 08, 2006

Sooner than expected...

It seems Sony thought Nintendo was on to something with their new controller. So much so that Sony has put a 6 way tilt sensor in their own PS3 controllers. This is of course expected, but still cheeses me off as it is one more example of a company not having the balls to come up with (or implement) a new technology until Nintendo puts everything on the line and stakes their whole reputation on it to find out if people will respond positively, then, when they do who do you see jumping on the bandwagon? Sony. Of course Microsoft is in a little world of their own still believing that Nintendo are a bunch of idiots, I wonder what they are thinking now? I bet they are saying "Ah, our number one perceived competitor thinks that whole motion sensing thing might be a good idea. Crap."

Now don't freak out. Sony's controller is very low-tech compared to Nintendo's. The Sony controller only has tilt sensors whereas the Wiimote can not only detect TILT, but also the controllers position in real space meaning the Star Wars exclusive I just blogged about can ONLY be made on the Nintendo and can only work with Nintendo's controller as far as the lightsaber goes AND as far as the 'point-and-click' lightgun characteristics of the Wiimote. Not to mention that the nunchuck attachment for the Wii has the same 6 way tilt sensor in it meaning that you will have two 6 way tilts as well as being able to ditect the main controller in real space. Sony's controller is sort of a cheap knock-off. They are trying to steal some of the big N's thunder but I don't expect it will work

Don't forget that Nintendo has been saving the best for last, so according to them what they consider to be the best secret is still to be unveiled tomorrow in 10 and a half hours. According to most people Sony had a very poor press conference this year. Just like you can read about in my E3 predictions they showed mostly tech demos and basically blew alot of hot air around, nobody hardly cheered except at a couple of games. If you missed it the PS3 will be released this November and will cost $500 for the base unit and $600 for the premier version, taking a page out of Microsoft's book.


Anonymous tim said...

except the ps3 is more expensive!!
but not by much

May 08, 2006 11:52 PM  
Blogger Benjdude said...

You know rumors are that the Nintendo system could be selling for less than $200. On the one hand a price point below $200 makes sense as they want to release the system well below the competition. Microsoft offers the core system of the 360 for $300 and this holiday season I bet they will want to drop that price by maybe $50 making it difficult for Nintendo to sell the Wii for a $250 price as it comes into direct price competition with the 360. On the other hand, like I keep saying, Nintendo hasn't shown us everything about their new system's hardware. It is possible that they could have something up their sleeves that will justify a higher than $250 price point, in which case I'm sure it will still be popular. The PS3 on the other hand is a beast of a machine and it is a sweet deal to be able to pick one up for $600, the only problem is that nearly every consumer who owns one will be missing out of some of hte great (and expensive) hardware features as they will not have the surrounding peripherals to support all the tech. On top of it all game development will be through the roof thanks to the very complex nature of the Cell processor giving developers a really difficult choice: #1 Make a game that looks as incredible as they can but lose on sales as they will have to sell it for close to $100 to recoup their costs. #2 Deliberately make an underpowered game to cut down on development costs and sell more copies at a more consumer friendly price point. Option number two is what almost every developer will pick because it's the one that makes sense financially, but if most of the games are underpowered then WHY did you pay so much for a high end system? If I got a PS3 for free I can see myself picking up some games for it (duh). Obviously that won't happen but you know what? Even though I have played every Sony machine I have never actually owned one, maybe I will survive it...

May 16, 2006 6:26 AM  

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