Thursday, February 02, 2006

Some (more) stats

Sorry for the lack of real updates, I am very busy at the moment getting ready for my big test. When I posted stats for the DS earlier some people brushed it off as being "just Japan". Now let me get one thing absolutely straight, gaming is HUGE in Japan and the Japanese gaming market is like twice that of all the rest combined or something (I don't have exact numbers there). Hence, saying that Nintendo is rocking in Japan is quite telling in terms of how profitable Nintendo has been lately. Because the market is so much greater in Japan they publish sales statistics weekly whereas I'm not quite sure when America and Europe publish theirs, though I think it is quarterly. Anyhow, here are sales figures for the European market, followed by a Japanese poll.

United Kingdom:
DS 1,000,000
PSP 795, 000

DS 750,000
PSP 500,000

DS 520,000
PSP 350,000

DS 425,000
PSP 295,000

Other Regions:
DS 1,005,000
PSP 500,000

These are total figures sold, not monthly or quarterly (I'm pretty sure).

Here is the results of a poll done by Famitsu, the most popular gaming magazine in Japan. They polled 113 retailers, 47 developers, and 370 gamers about what they see in the future of video games.

Most anticipated gaming machine of 2006

1. PS3 - 53.7% of the developers, 56.9% of the retailers, 46.3% of the gamers
2. Revolution - 41.4% of the developers, 43.9% of retailers, 45.8% of the gamers
3.Xbox360 - 2.4% of the developers, 1.7% of the retailers, 7.9% of the gamers

Then they asked what system would be king in 2006.

Number 1 gaming machine of 2006 (Developer’s pick)
1. Nintendo DS - 49.9%
2. PS3 - 16.7%
3. Revolution - 10.0%
4. PSP - 5.0%
5. Xbox 360 - 1.7%

Number 1 gaming machine of 2006 (Retailer’s pick)
1. Nintendo DS - 38.3%
2. PS3 - 31.5%
3. Revolution - 12.3%
4. (TIE) PSP/Xbox 360 - 1.7%

Number 1 gaming machine of 2006 (Gamer's pick)
1. PS3 - 40.3%
2. Nintendo DS - 32.6%
3. PS2 - 11.8%
4. Revolution - 11.5%
5. Xbox 360 - 2.5%
6. PSP - 0.3%

These last numbers show what machine each pollee THOUGHT would be most successful nonecessarilyly what they personally would purchase. It is interesting the note the big difference between the tiny gap between the PS3 and Revolution in terms of what was mostly anticipated and the relatively large gap between the two when they tried to predict what system would be supreme. Personally attributete this difference to the media spin making the PS3 look awesome compared to the usually poor marketing of Nintendo, so it appears to most people that the PS3 will win in a landslide again whereas the numbers of what system gamers wanted themselves was much different. What do you think?


Blogger Revolution_Gamer_0069 said...

Thats quite impressive, but I dont know. If the xbox 360 and the psp do turn out that bitter this year than its going to be an all out war for the PS3 and the Revolution. But keep in mind its not very accurate as of now since the revolution isnt fully revealed, including to developers. They wont recive the real dev kits till some time in march. Now once the revolution fully revealed I can pretty much be sure the tides will turn, wheter if it will favor Nintendo or Sony we wont know till E3. Its pretty safe to say that the revolution will ethier be the champ and win next gen or come in last. I dont think it will be just alright. Its going to be a hit or a miss. As of now I'm going to guess its going to be a hit though.

February 03, 2006 9:25 PM  
Blogger Benjdude said...

You know, so many people when they are asked which system they would buy if they could only have one say they would want a Revolution. This pretty much sums up the way I feel. When I think about the 360 or the PS3 I don't get very excited compared to the Revolution. I would much rather experience something new, even if it turns out to be a little unpolished, than the same old thing. I was just playing Perfect Dark Zero last night (for the first time) and while I have never seen it run in HD I can say for certain that Halo 2 looks heads and shoulders better on a standard TV, and in multiplayer (the only mode I played) the framrate dropped down around 15 a few times. Not what I would call a next gen game, every past generation the release titles have beaten the last iterations without a doubt, not so this time. I know it will change, and to be honest, Call of Duty looked incredible, but still I will side with originality almost every time. 4 days until D.I.C.E., keep your fingers crossed for a tidbit and then GDC is just a few weeks later.

February 04, 2006 8:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Holey moley Benjdude. I knew you knew a lot about gaming, but now I find that you're brilliant when it comes to these sorts of things. Oh, and you're quite articulate too. Wow...

J-me :)

February 08, 2006 7:02 PM  
Blogger Benjdude said...

You started it all Jaime. If you hadn't given me that SNES for Christmas, oh so long ago, I would probably be much less articulate.

February 08, 2006 11:24 PM  
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